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Whether you are already well established or just starting up

Maferme offers you


innovative, high performing and easy to use solutions


for client management and marketing CSA baskets


developed in collaboration with a local community of agricultural producers and livestock farmers.

There are a number of advantages to using localfarm

Which ones are you looking for ?


Simple and efficient management for personalized baskets and purchasing groups.

Save time

Automation of numerous tasks: compilation of orders, member registration, follow-up on payments, management of vacations, etc.

Gain in visibility

More than 25 000 unique visitors from across Quebec in 2016.

Increase sales

Functions for special orders and complementary products in order to increase your sales per member.

Develop a network of delivery points

Connections with individuals, stores and businesses interested in becoming a delivery point for your farm.

A platform in your image

No more need to spend time and money on developing a website

  • Logo and personalized banners
  • Display of organic and other certifications (ex.: Québec Vrai, Bien-être animal)
  • Unique web address for your farm (ex.:
  • “About” section on your farm
  • Photo gallery and video
  • Blog
  • Search engine optimization

Néoferme d'la turlute @ Coopérative de solidarité Le vol du Colibri

Adopted by farmers like you

And members of recognized organizations

Jardins de Saint-Félicien

Certified organic farm and member of CAPÉ

By automating tasks, localfarm really simplifies our life! If we need help, the administrators are always available to answer our questions.

Jardins les Petites Écores

Jardins les Petites Écores

Maferme offers unparalleled customer support, on top of offering great tools for guiding us in our first steps on the platform! The personalized baskets met the demands of a more specific clientele and they were a success!

Jardins de Stéphanie

Farm in agriculture raisonnée and member of APMQ

Testimonials to come

With unparalleled customer support

Like in the good old days

Direct contact

  • Telephone
  • Email
  • Facebook
  • Response within 24h

Documentation and tutorials

  • Set-up guide
  • Marketing guide
  • FAQ
  • Video tutorials for farmers
  • Video tutorials for members


  • By telephone
  • By appointment, in Montréal
  • By appointment, on your farm

Marketing the way you like it

Traditional or... personalized ?
Why not both ?


The member chooses the entire contents of their basket from your available products.


The member does not choose the contents of their basket and cannot exchange any products via Maferme.

Flexible +

The member may choose a portion of the contents of their basket by exchanging certain products via Maferme.

Online store

Without subscribing to a CSA, a person can order from available products, choose their delivery point and pay online.


Many farmers cooperate freely, via Maferme, to offer a variety of products delivered to the same delivery point, on the same schedule.

Special orders

Whatever your marketing strategy, it is always possible to create special order forms (ex: production surplus, complementary products).

Thanks to advanced functions

Easy and enjoyable to use

Marketing CSA

  • Personalized basket
  • Traditional basket
  • Online store
  • Special order forms
  • Cooperative
  • Flexible +
  • Multiple market entry points

Secure online payments

  • Payment by check and credit card
  • Payment by Interac, E-transfer and Paypal
  • Follow-up on payments
  • Multiple transactions
  • Negative balances possible
  • Open billing for corrections afterward
  • Secured and billing by STRIPE

Data compilation

  • Automatic report on orders in PDF format
  • Data extraction in Excel, CSV format
  • Order history
  • Dashboard and statistics

Communication with members

  • Automatic reminders
  • Personalized notifications
  • Integrated messaging system
  • Synchronization with MailChimp


  • Management of independent delivery points
  • Management of members’ vacations
  • Members’ selection of delivery point per order
  • Follow-up on subscription renewals
  • Several administrator accounts per vendor
  • Personalization of farm and delivery point pages
  • Management of member credits
  • Management of products by variable weight
  • Automatic reminders for administrators
  • Synchronization with QuickBook®


  • Adaptive design (cell phone, tablet, computer)
  • Secure and confidential data
  • Use of HTTP/2 for better performance
  • Rendering in browser for faster interactions
  • Re-rendered on server for rapid display
  • Data caching system
  • Stable API

At a cost adapted to your budget

With or without commission, your choice !



  • Opening of account
  • Training online and by telephone
  • Marketing consulting services

2 %

Base commission on sales

  • All functions activated and support included
  • Based on marketing
  • Minimum commission of $235/year (upfront)
  • No minimum commission for students in agriculture-related programs of study (DEP, DEC, BAC)

+ 2,9 %

Credit card payment


  • + 30¢ per transaction
  • Invoiced by Stripe

+ 5 %

Member found by localfarm


  • Commission for covering acquisition fees
  • Only applies on the sales of the first year

- ou -

For life without commission

  • All functions activated and support included
  • Personalized and traditional marketing
  • Lifetime use without base commission

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